Maggie Nowinski (MFA in Visual Art ’07) is an interdisciplinary visual artist, arts educator, and curator who lives and works in Western Massachusetts. Her work frequently exhibits throughout the New England region, as well as nationally. In addition to teaching at Westfield State University and Manchester Community College, Maggie also serves as an Artist-Teacher mentor for current MFA students at Vermont College of Fine Arts. When VCFA Visual Art faculty member, Humberto Ramirez, recommended Maggie’s work to be featured in the newest issue of Hunger Mountain: The VCFA Journal of the Arts, I instantly connected with her work, which explores “themes of internal and external processes.” Her drawings of botanicalized human organs are both familiar and utterly original. Maggie is an inspiration to me for her incredible artistic talents as well as her drive to persevere as an artist. She was kind enough to allow me to interview her. Here, we discuss her artistic life, as well as the development of her “signature style.”


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"TRANS" @Bromfield Gallery through March 27th, 2016

Ten New England artists imaginatively explore the meaning of TRANS--transition, transsexual, transportation, transcendent--in a wide variety of media.

Dan Dowd
James Dye
Rebekah Lord Gardiner
Melody Hadap
Craig Lupien
Nat Martin
Maggie Nowinski
Zoe Perry-Wood
Connie Saems
Cassandra Zampini

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I was invited to participate in the Northampton Ice Carving Festival. In planning for the event I became most interested in the experience of exploring a new medium and in the act of creating something on the spot in public for a specific duration of 6 hours. The process of creating the piece, and dealing with unexpected technical and feel issues inspired a kind of performative play in my approach. Interactions with the public about abstraction and creative process often surprises me and for the most part I found people to be interested seeing the transformation and even embracing the ambiguity of the sculpture's form as it developed.